A Story Untold

Coming from a single parent home raised by my mother, I had no father figure to shape my perspective. I struggled for 20 years with communicating. I was afraid of how I was perceived. For that reason, I barely spoke and used a journal as my outlet. Paper and pen were my way to express my inner most thoughts, sorrows and frustrations. As a result, I have been bullied and have struggled with accepting my own identity. Toxic friendships and relationships only made the struggle worse. Subsequently, I’ve made poor decisions and generated a cycle that allowed mistreatment and disrespect. I did not love myself. No one is taught self-love, it’s a journey that some of us pursue after untasteful life experiences. After an unsuccessful marriage and three beautiful children, proudly I stand whole, at peace and happy. Some of us wait for another person to bring happiness to us. Truth be told, Self-love allows us to bring this to ourselves with the help of God. Excitingly, I have reached the greater latter! The part of life where you live more intentionally. I have never in my life felt so free and eager to become the best version of myself.